Being Creative with Perfume Layering

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Layering perfumes is a great way for you to be creative. It allows you to blend a fragrance right on your skin, and create your very own unique signature scent that reflects your individual personality or mood.  

So how does it work? You can try all kinds of ways to blend two scents together, but bear in mind a general rule of thumb: spray heavier scents first so they don't overpower the lighter scent. For example, if you normally wear a citrus fragrance which doesn't last long, you could spray a sandalwood or cedar wood fragrance first as a layer and then spray your citrus scent either over it or on another part of your body. 

An easy scent like musk, vanilla, sandalwood are perfect to start, and then add something more complex on top. Another way is to use a single note perfume under or over an existing scent. There are no set rules as long as you follow some basic guidelines. Layering perfumes is about experimenting and having fun being creative. 

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