Expert Tips on Making Your Scent Last Longer

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Have you ever wondered how to make your scent last longer throughout the day? If you've ever been disappointed by perfume that quickly loses its aroma, we have the answers for you. First thing to keep in mind is that scents in the oriental or woody families have much longer staying power than their floral, citrus, or green counterparts. Thankfully, there are some expert tips and tricks that can help you make your scent last longer. In this post, we will be discussing some proven methods that will help your fragrance stay put for longer.

Moisturize Your Skin
Did you know that moisturized skin holds onto fragrance better than dry skin? Before applying your fragrance, moisturize your skin with a scent-free lotion to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated. This will allow the fragrance to bind with your skin and create a stronger, longer-lasting scent.

Apply Fragrance to Pulse Points
Spraying your fragrance on your clothing might be tempting, but this method will not last as long as applying it to pulsating areas. Apply the fragrance to your wrists, neck, behind your ears to ensure that the scent lasts longer. These areas have more blood flow and heat, which will help the scent linger throughout the day. Do not rub your wrists as this breaks down the scent. 

Spray Fragrance on Your Hairbrush
Spraying your fragrance on your hairbrush can be a game-changer when it comes to longevity. The scent will cling to your hair and will not evaporate as quickly as it would on your skin. Be sure to spritz your hairbrush lightly and brush your hair thoroughly to distribute the scent evenly.

Layer Your Fragrance
For a stronger and longer-lasting scent, try layering your fragrance. Use the same scent in different forms such as a body wash, lotion, and perfume or cologne. This will create a deeper scent that will last much longer than wearing just one form of the fragrance.

Store Your Fragrance Properly
The way you store your fragrance can make a big difference when it comes to its longevity. Keep your fragrance in a cool and dark place to prevent it from breaking down and evaporating. Heat and light can damage the fragrance and cause it to diminish quickly or change its scent entirely.

By implementing these expert tips, you can make sure that your favorite scent lasts all day long. From moisturizing your skin to storing your fragrance properly, there are many ways to ensure that your fragrance lasts longer. Try out these tips for yourself and see if they help your favorite fragrance linger longer.

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